Certificate Attestation & Apostille

Attestation is the process of certifying a document so a foreign country’s legal system will recognize it. Certificate should be attested for getting employment visa abroad. All type of certificate can be attested. There are many types of certificates mainly Educational, Non educational and commercial documents.
Educational includes SSC, HSE, Degree, Diploma, Nursing certificates etc. Non educational includes Birth certificate, Marriage certificate, Police clearance certificate any Private certificate and Commercial documents involves Power of Attorney, Memorandum of Association, Trade License, Share Certificates, etc.
Anywhere in the world we can the certificate attested. For that first the certificate needs to be attested from home department or Notary. Then embassy attestation is done from the home country. Certificate is attested for getting employment VISA, family VISA or student VISA.
There are so many attestation agencies in order to get the embassy attestations. Now a day’s there is a tight competition between the agencies. People are getting confused to submit their document. Because they don’t know who is doing genuine attestation and who is not doing genuine attestation.
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Certificate Attestation

Common names for the the process of Attestation is usually referred as Verification, Legalization, Authentication etc..

The use of the different terms for the process of Attestation varies from country to countries depends on the term which is already in use in the countries.

Importance of Attestation : As the process of Attestation includes the check for originality or genuinity of a particular written statement or a source of the material on which a particular information is written by matching the original specimens. (Material, content, fonts, style, acknowledging body etc..)

As the  process of Attestation ensures the originality & genuinity of the information given in particular form & format, thus holds the trustworthiness of a information given .

As every individual, organization, public & private sectors has the responsibilities to act or provide an offer or a services on the basis of a information given in written statement or a format, A universally accepted method to verify the originality of a information is the process of Attestation. Almost in all the countries authentication is practiced. Thus the process of attestation has a importance in every aspect of the life.

List of informative materials generally named as Documents, Certificates, Files that are recommended & in some cases that are made as mandatory  to be attested are :

* Affidavit, Power of Attorney – Personal power of attorney –    Company Power of Attorney (An individuals  personal statement of information or of an organization or a body or a board are Usually referred as Affidavit, Power of Attorney).
* Birth certificate or a Date of birth registration certificate.
* Marriage certificate or Registration of Marriage certificate.
* Divorce certificate.
* Single status certificate.
* Death certificates.
* All Education certificates : SSLC, HSC, Diploma, Degree, Provisional, Course completion  certificate ect..
* Transfer certificate – T.C .

All these types of documents are generally recommended to be Attested. For more details regarding certificate attestation please visit us at www.attestation.in

What is Attestation?

Attestation basically means evaluate or verify the authenticity of a document. It may contain Educational, Non educational, and other documents. The real word Attestation word became a Benchmark in the 19s when the GCC countries brought a rule that the each and every individual should have a minimum qualification of high-school, and that document should be attested by the concern embassy were the document has been issued. This rule was mandatory from labour category to high professions. Only those who had the documents attested was eligible for getting a residence visa. But after that the rule has been changed now like only the executive profession needs attestation.

Attestation mainly is for educational documents it will be done from Delhi and Non educational or vital documents will be from Mumbai . Non educational documents are like Marriage, Birth, Power of Attorneys etc… Also there are requirements for attestation of commercial documents like, certificate Of Incorporation, Memorandum, etc which will be attested for the company formation purposes, and if comes to marriage, and birth, certificates its required for the dependent visa in the GCC.

Attestation is actually divided into each sectors like some countries don’t have a Embassy Attestation they are been done from the Apostille section which is a government body inside the Ministry Of External Affairs. There are Home Department Attestation from each states which is a different procedure. Also authentication for educational certificates needs to be from concern home-departments which was early known as HRD (Human resources Department), which was done from Delhi which now has been spited to each states. This a big procedure were the authority will be verifying the document with the university and only after the clear reports the documents will be stamped. But this procedure is made mandatory for the kingdom of Saudi Arabia .

For more details regarding certificate attestation please visit us at www.attestation.in