Certificate Attestation Services

Certificate Attestation process is mandatory to prove the certificates to be legal. Validation of the certificates will help to prove the genuinty of the certificate. This Attestation process plays a vital role while any individual plans to move abroad either for professional or personal purposes. In order to get the documents verified the applicant must get their original certificates and its xerox copies attested from the concerned authorities.

This attestation process is applicable for the certificates like educational Non-educational And commercial certificates. Certificate Attestation process is required for the following purposes like,

  • Employment Visa
  • Visa Designation Change
  • Medical
  • MOH Examination/ DOH Examination
  • MOE (Ministry of Education)
  • Equivalency and Higher Education
  • School Admission and much more

The process of Certificate Attestation is as follows :-

  • First, the documents are authenticated by the HRD department of the respective state
  • Attestation of the documents is carried out by the MEA(Ministry Of External Affairs)
  • The certificates are attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the state of that country where he/she plans to migrate

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