Document Verification Done in the Finest Way

document verification

Any person who plans to move abroad in order to widen His/her horizon have to face a obligatory process called Document Verification. In order to prove the validity of your original certificate one have to get their documents verified from the authorized authorities. Documents like Educational certificates, Non-educational certificates and commercial certificates must be verified according to the needs whether it is personal or professional.

The process starts by the verification of the original documents from the state of the home country from where the original documents are been issued and followed the verification of the documents from the host country.

The process of Document Verification is as follows :-

  • The documents are authenticated from the HRD department of the respective state of the home country.
  • Attestation of the documents is carried out by the MEA.

The certificates are attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the state of host country where he/she plans to migrate.

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