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police clearance certificate

Inorder to get the visa attested the applicant have to get his Police Clearance Certificate  attested by proving that he is not having any criminal background such as arrest, conviction..etc. This certificate is issued by the Police or by other Government agencies of that country. By the approval of these certificates only one can get his visa attestation complete.

The Police Clearance Certificate attestation is used for the following purposes :-

  • To engage in business abroad.
  • Obtaining entry visas for certain countries.
  • Migration to other countries.
  • Employer’s Request.
  • Joining the University.
  • Other similar purposes.
  • Working as Tourist Guide.

The Certificate Attestation process  starts from the country from where the original certificate is issued and followed by the attestation from the host country where one plans to migrate.

Genius Attestation Services is a company which help to get these certificate attested with precision and perfection. Once the attestation process is complete the certificates are proved authentic.

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