Simplest way for Getting Birth Certificate Attestation

birth certificate attestation

Birth Certificate Attestation is mandatory while any person applies for his/her child’s admission in schools abroad. Attestation of birth certificate helps to prove the genuinty of the certificate. The verification must be first done from the state department/HRD department where the certificate was issued, external affairs, further by the embassy where the applicant is seeking for school admission. Before one applies for birth certificate attestation they require a set of document to be presented while applying for attestation – Original certificate, passport copy, visa copy, two photos and authorization letter.

Birth certificate attestation is one of the important documents and It is an official evidence of legal recognition of the child as a member of society and is valid for the process like :-

  • For a child to prove his date of birth
  • Obtain admission in school
  • To enter into a valid employment contract etc.
  • While applying for a family visa

The importance of the birth certificate is known when a candidate applies for a family visa or when a child needs to be taken abroad along with parents. The process of Birth Certificate Attestation is completed by the certificate attestation from Ministry Of External Affairs, and the embassy attestation of that country to where the applicant wishes to relocate. Once the entire process is completed the certificates are proved to be authentic.

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