Simplifying Certificate Attestation in Chennai

certificate attestation in chennai

Certificate attestation in Chennai is playing a vital role while planning to move abroad. The certificates to be attested can be categorized into 3 types on the basesĀ  of the needs of the person for his migration whether it is personal or professional. The categories of the certificate attestation are follows :-

  • Educational certificate Attestation
  • Non-educational Certificate Attestation
  • Commercial certificate Attestation

The purpose of Educational certificate attestation is :-

  • To obtain an employment visa/labor Card for most of the designation.
  • To pursue higher education.
  • To write MOH (Ministry of Health) and DOH (Dept. of Health) examinations by doctors, nurses, pharmacists, laboratory, technicians, etc.
  • To get the equivalent certificates.

Certificate attestation in Chennai process is as follows :-

  1. First, the documents are attested from the Home department of the Chennai.
  2. Next, attestation of the documents is carried out by the MEA.
  3. From the MEA, the certificates are attested by the embassy of the foreign country where one plans to migrate/ consulate in India
  4. Lastly, the certificates are attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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