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PCC stands for police clearance certificate. Oman PCC is a very important document issued to residents of Oman, who remained in the country for over a year. Oman PCC is issued by an important authority of the nation, as a rule, it is issued by an assigned police expert. Police clearance certificate is an outcome of your past actions. Police clearance certificate is used to clarify that whether the individual has committed any crime which is hurtful not exclusively to people yet additionally to state or nation. If an individual disregards any standard or law in Oman he/she isn't qualified for Oman PCC. The main aim of the police clearance certificate is to shield the nation from unlawful exercises and dangers.

Required documents for applying Oman PCC:

  • Passport copy.
  • Visa copy.
  • Oman ID copy (Not Mandatory).
  • 1 Blue background Passport size photo.

Police clearance certificate is an unavoidable piece of worldwide correspondence. Oman PCC avoids the coming of unsafe people to the country, which represents a hazard to the nation's security. Before issuing a police clearance certificate the police authority will check all the past activities of the candidate to know whether he/she participated in any criminal operations in the nation. There will be various Purposes for obtaining Oman PCC.

Some purposes for obtaining Oman PCC:

  • For job/ employment purposes.
  • For migration.
  • To get residence visa.
  • For higher study.
  • For starting up business.

If an individual needs to go to an outside nation and he/she has just lived in Oman for over two years, to acquire goal districts visa, the immigrant needs to submit an Oman PCC to prove that he has no criminal background in Oman. Police clearance certificate is an authoritative record required in universal activities. Police clearance certificate have such a large number of regular terms like great good conduct certificate, good citizen certificate, and judicial record extracts and so on. Oman PCC helps the goal nation to see very well about the individual.

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