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Oman PCC is an important document issued to resident persons, who stayed in that particular country for more than a year. Oman PCC is issued by a mandatory authority of the country, in most cases, it is issued by a designated police authority. Police clearance certificate is a result of your past activities. Police clearance certificate used to specify that the person commits any offensive crime which harmful not only to individuals but also to state or country. If a person violates any rule or law in Oman he is not eligible for Oman PCC. The supreme function of the police clearance certificate is to protect the country from unlawful activities and threats.

Required documents for applying Police clearance certificate in Oman –
• Passport copy
• Visa copy
• Oman ID copy (Not Mandatory)
• 1 Blue background Passport size photo

Police clearance certificate is an unavoidable part of international communication. PCC prevents the entry of risky persons who pose a risk to the country’s security. Before issuing a police clearance certificate the concerned authority will check all the past activities of the applicant to know if he takes part in any illegal activities  in the country. Obtaining PCC have certain purposes.

Some common purposes of obtaining PCC are – 
• For job/ employment purposes
• For migration purposes
• For residence visa purposes
• For higher study purposes, etc..
• For business purposes

If a person wants to go to a foreign country and he has already lived in Oman for more than two years, to obtain destination counties visa he has to submit an Oman PCC to prove that he has no criminal background in Oman. Police clearance certificate is a legal document required in international communication. Police clearance certificate have so many common terms like good conduct certificate, good citizen certificate, and judicial record extracts, etc.. Oman PCC helps the destination country to understand very well about the person.

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