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The  Saudi  is a federation of seven states and it is one of the most liberal countries in the Gulf. Saudi government will be issued a UAE PCC to a person who has stayed in UAE more than two years with a residence visa. Police clearance certificate is a legal document issued by the UAE government to enumerate that the applicant has not commit any illegal offense or harmful crime not only against individual but also against national interest. To get a UAE PCC, the applicant ought to present some personal proofs at the concerned office or department.

Documents required for applying Saudi PCC

  • Emirates ID
  • 2 Passport Size photo
  • Passport copy of first entry and last exit

A person who applies for a Saudi police clearance certificate should mention the duration of stay in UAE. Before giving PCC the concerned UAE authority will check all past the activities to ensure that the applicant will not takes part in any illegal activities that led to the involvement of the UAE police force. At the time of investigation, if the police authorities found that applicant has any unlawful backgrounds like arrest, conviction, court procedures, they would not grant this PCC certification to the applicant.

What are the benefits of a Police Clearance certificate?

  • PCC is a way to understand the character or conduct of the migrant.
  • By using PCC the officials can pose the immigration of harmful persons.
  • PCC will help individual in easily migrate into their particular destination country.
  • The central objective of requesting PCC by other outside nations is to protect their nation from unlawful activities.

People below the age of 18 do not need this certification. In Saudi designated police authorities/ departments are responsible for issuing police clearance certificate. PCC is a an important pillar in international communications. It is an integral part of foreign affairs. Police clearance certificate is a personal document which contains all our past activities. The Police Clearance Certificate is not same in every country and its various from country to country, by form, content, legal verifications, and so on. The validity of a police clearance will depend upon the issuing country. UAE PCC has a significant impact in every country. In past years, police clearance certificate accepted world widely. In coming years, PCC makes a great revolution in the field of international affairs. 

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