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Attestation Services in Kuwait


Kuwait is very much famous for its oil reserve; the country is situated in the western Asia. Many people tend to travel to the country for various purposes. Kuwait is a developing country which is considered a constitutional emirate. The country has a semi-democratic political system. For any individual who wants to travel to the country has to do the process of Kuwait attestation.

Attestation is the method of verifying documents while travelling to a foreign country. Certificate attestation is of three different types as in, Educational certificate attestation, non-educational certificate attestation and commercial certificate attestation. The process of Kuwait attestation is different for all the certificate attestation. It varies from each certificate and it relies on which nation the documents were issued from.

Original certificate and passport copy is required to apply forKuwait attestation. Kuwait Attestation should be done from home nation where the certificate was issued from. The verification procedures and time differs occasionally relying on the guidelines as allotted in every nation.

Purposes of Kuwait attestation:

A) Education Certificates:

  • To acquire a work visa/ labor Card for a large portion of the designation.
  • To seek after advanced education in Kuwait.
  • To compose MOH (Ministry of Health) and DOH (Dept. of Health) examinations by doctors, nurses, pharmacists, laboratory, technicians, etc.
  • For migration.

B) Non Educational / Vital Certificates:

  • To get home visa for spouse, children, in-laws.
  • For admission purposes.
  • For job purposes.

C) Commercial documents:

  • To get the privilege to sell properties in Home Country.
  • For the expulsion of the LLC association gave the accomplice in Home Country doesn't wish to broaden the organization.
  • To open up bank accounts.
  • For company registration.

Procedures for Kuwait attestation:

A) Educational certificates:

B) Non-educational certificates:

C) Commercial certificates:

The documents will be undergone signing and sealing from the concerned authorities to complete Kuwait attestation. It is important to follow all the rules of Kuwait attestation to complete the procedure correctly. It will prevent any problems of documentation in the future.

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