MOFA is the abbreviation of ministry of foreign affairs. The ministry of foreign affairs is a government body that deals with the foreign affairs of a country and this executive body is responsible for one of the significant step of certificate attestation. For any country MOFA attestation is essential for getting resident visa, work permit and higher education. Procedures of MOFA attestation is done by the respective authorities.

Essential documents to obtain MOFA attestation includes:

  • Original certificate.
  • Passport copy.

In the initial stage all the documents should be attested and proved real from where the documents are issued. The issued place of documents is depended on the nature of documents issued. MOFA attestation, which is the last and final procedure of certificate attestation, is done after all the main procedures. Firstly, the documents have to be attested from the concerned authorities, after which MOFA attestation is done. For instance, MOFA attestation is the last and final necessary process if you want to travel or move out of native country to foreign countries. It is impossible to get resident visa without MOFA attestation. MOFA attestation is required for attaining family visa.

After completing all the necessary attestation procedure from the concerned country, MOFA attestation needs to be done. The dealing of foreign relations of any country is controlled by MOFA (ministry of foreign affairs). The ministry is controlled by a secretary who appointed by the government. It is the responsibility of this authority to grand attestation for immigrants who are willing to move abroad. This process of MOFA attestation will prove how much authentic and real your certificate is before a foreign country.

Common uses of MOFA attestation:

  • To attain higher education in foreign countries.
  • To work abroad.
  • For migration purposes.
  • To obtain resident visa.

If any country finds that the certificates are duplicate and not original they will not give approval and the person will not get his certificates attested. The documents have to be original to undergo MOFA attestation. Action will be taken by the ministry against the person who provided duplicate documents for attestation. For every person travelling overseas, MOFA attestation is a necessary and strict process. The documents have to be pre-authenticated for the MOFA attestation to take place. MOFA attestation proves that the documents carried by the immigrants are original and it makes any international dealings smoother.

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